ARC Transformer

T211P-ARC Transformer Welder


ARC Transformer Welder | The T211P-ARC Welder has an infinitely variable step-less output, giving superb versatility, plus an electrode-to-power gauge, which enables rapid setting of output current.

  • 230v (20amp) / 400v (10amp) supply
  • 60amp – 200amp (peak) output current
  • 2.0mm – 4.0mm maximum electrode size
  • 2.0mm – 8.0mm weld thickness (mild steel)
  • Electrode-to-power gauge for rapid setting
  • Infinitely variable step-less power output
  • Wheel-mounted for practical movement
  • Supplied with the following accessories:
    • Wheel kit and chipping hammer
    • 2 metre cable w/ electrode holder
    • 2 metre Earth cable and clamp
    • Handheld welding face shield

Clarik has a comprehensive range of welding equipment available, featuring a superb collection of powerful, feature-rich units built for top performance and quality finishing.


  • Input Supply               230V (20amp) | 400V (10amp)
  • Output Current          60amp – 180amp
  • Peak Current              200amp
  • Duty Cycle                   180amp @ 10%
  • Electrode Dia.             2.0mm – 4.0mm
  • Weld Thickness          2.0mm – 8.0mm
  • Welding Voltage         20.4V – 25.2V
  • Open Voltage              50V
  • Power Factor               0.6
  • Efficiency                     46%
  • Insulation                    Class F
  • Protection                    IP21S
  • Gross Weight              20.7kg


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