200A Arc Welder

230/400V Turbo Arc Welder (200A)


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200A Arc Welder | 230/400V Turbo Arc Welder

200A Arc Welder | Multi-purpose machine suitable for workshop use. Supplied with direct fit electrode holder, earth clamp, face mask and wire brush/chipping hammer. Carton packed.


  • Phase                    Single 230V, 400V
  • Input Current     16A
  • Duty Cycle           10% @ 200A
  • Electrode Size     1.6mm – 4.0mm
  • Dimensions         515 x 300 x 375mm
  • Weight                  21kg


Conforms with the following directives:

  • 2014/30/EU
  • 2014/35/EU
  • 2011/65/EU


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