Space Heater

Space Heater is a product we wished we ordered before the onset of a bad winter.  The cold affects how we work, how many layers we wear and our productivity.  So when the 6 t-shirts and 4 jumpers become a little too restrictive on our daily movements, it would be more cost effective and productive to stay warm and comfortable while we work.  If it’s preparing for the onset of a badly named extreme bout of winter weather.  Or as a backup for your temperamental heating system already in place.

Clarik have the perfect solution for piece of mind and keeping morale high and targets achieved, with our range of space heaters.  Perfect solution, easily portable and gets the job done every time.  Clarik only stock quality, reliable, cost effective products so rest assured we have the best interests of our valued customers at heart.  Found what you need? If you order by 3pm today, we will despatch to you the  same day.

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